MJSG's Services Ensure the Security of Your Business

Utilizing multiple target analysis and vulnerability assessment methodologies, including the CARVER Methodology and the Sandia National Laboratories Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM), MJ Security Group associates are global experts in determining the risk and vulnerabilities associated with marijuana grow houses and dispensaries.

From the concept through construction, MJ Security Group can assist with the security engineering design of your marijuana grow house or dispensary.

Technology is continually changing in the security industry.  As such, you need to a trusted partner who can validate equipment and vet sub-contractors.

Whenever your people, product or cash are in transit, threats and vulnerabilities will be present.  MJ Security Group takes pride in our ability to develop customized security plans for when you and your team are most exposed to danger.

People can be both your organization’s greatest asset and liability.  How would you know when an insider with “keys to the kingdom” can no longer be trusted?  MJ Security Group has a proprietary system to ensure that your people will not harm your organization from the inside.

MJ Security Group’s team of security subject matter experts have decades-worth of experience designing comprehensive security programs for large organizations (including the Department of Defense) from “soup to nuts.”

In the parlance of the military, a red team is an independent group that challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness.  As part of our Six-Phase Security Process, MJ Security Group will independently challenge our own security platform (via trusted outsiders), to ensure that our recommendations are valid and will improve the overall safety and security of the marijuana grow house and/or dispensary.

Failure to prepare means preparing to fail.  At MJ Security Group will believe in constant security training for our security providers, as well as your organization’s employees.

At MJ Security Group, we believe that crisis management planning requires strong coordination between multiple units within an organization, as well as multiple response partners externally.  As such, we break out our contingency management planning process around four basic components: preparation, analysis, response planning and implementation preparedness.

At MJ Security Group, we don’t just examine the physical threats but the cyber ones as well.  An operational IT systems cyber assessment and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution require review of the network security posture, data reliability, logging, and redundancy.

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