Q-Why would MJ Security Group be the right provider for my marijuana business?

A- MJSG would be the right provider for your marijuana business because:

  • We have successfully managed numerous marijuana security projects of various size, scale and complexity across the United States;
  • Our team is comprised of internationally recognized experts on threat and vulnerability assessments, as well as security professionals with “real-world” experience moving cash and valuable product in high-threat areas around the globe;
  • We are not “security guards”… rather we are intelligence advisory professionals who have provided security support to over two-dozen Fortune 500 companies;
  • Because of our professional backgrounds, we have the ability to coordinate with state, local and federal law enforcement officials, which expedites crisis communication and threat information during an emergency;
  • We believe in the value of medical marijuana and understand the urgency of safely sharing its benefits to consumers;
  • We are committed to a having deep partnerships with clients, rather than simply being a security vendor;
  • By choosing MJSG as your security provider, you will receive a substantial return on investment by retaining the subject matter expertise of our associates, saving you money in the long run, increasing the value of your company, protecting your brand reputation, and providing you with peace-of-mind.
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