Why You Should Train Your Cannabis Employees Utilizing Tabletop Exercises

A tabletop exercise is an activity in which key personnel, assigned emergency management roles and responsibilities, are gathered to discuss – in a non-threatening environment – various simulated emergency situations.  In the cannabis industry, these situations may include an armed robbery at a dispensary, an insider threat where product is being smuggled out, an active shoot incident, the hijacking of a delivery vehicle, or even a severe weather event.  Tabletop exercises are used to clarify roles and responsibilities and to identify additional crisis mitigation and preparedness needs.  Furthermore, tabletop exercises – as well as functional drills – are the best way to test your emergency response plans. 

At MJ Security Group, one of our differentiating strengths as a consultancy is our ability to create, moderate and facilitate realistic crisis management and emergency preparedness training exercises.  In fact, MJ Security Group is known as a leader in tabletop exercises, functional drills, war games, full-scale exercises, as well as penetration tests (PENTESTs).  To add realism to the exercises, MJ Security Group has its own in-house multimedia production studio where we can create “breaking news videos,” specific to a particular scenario.   

Tabletop exercises also provide a unique liaison training environment.  By facilitating a tabletop exercise at your cannabis grow house or dispensary, you can invite external stakeholders, such as law enforcement, fire, and EMS, to “play out” the scenario with you.  This builds strong community relationships with key partners and establishes memorandums of understanding (MOUs), prior to an incident.  Besides, there is an old saying that during a crisis is not the time to be exchanging business cards!

If you’re looking to really evaluate how your team would respond under pressure (in a safe and controlled environment) and to gauge if your emergency response plans would actually work, a tabletop exercise from MJ Security Group might be just the solution you’re looking for.

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