If You Don’t Have Good Comms in the Cannabis Industry, You Don’t Have Sh*t!

If You Don’t Have Good Comms in the Cannabis Industry, You Don’t Have Sh*t!

There is a decades-old phrase in the security industry which still holds true today.  That is the concept of, “If you don’t have comms, you don’t have sh*t.”  More eloquently put, being able to communicate – particularly during a crisis event – is the most important element of your security plan.  Without effective communication between team members, even a simply security incident can – and will – quickly escalate into a serious problem.

To maintain effective communication at your cannabis facility, a comprehensive security plan should include a commo plan based upon the PACE Principle.  PACE is an acronym which stands for:

Primary – this is your day-to-day communications device; such as an encrypted radio

Alternate – your initial backup communications device; perhaps a cellphone

Contingency – your tertiary communications device; perhaps a text message or pager

Emergency – this is your “last resort” communications device; perhaps a satellite phone (or in some cases a whistle, a payphone, or even smoke signals)

The point is, you absolutely must have more than just one form of communication.  Mr. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame), snacks on poor communications plans for breakfast.  They are one of the most susceptible points of operational failure in security plan, particularly for those undisciplined practitioners who forget to charge their batteries, carry spares, pay their cellphone bill, or don’t test their call range or external environments ahead of time.  Also, as rule of thumb, “two is one and one is none.”  Translated, two of anything is considered one of something, while just one of something is considered zero (think phone chargers).

Good communications literally save lives, while poor communications can get people killed.  For the often violent and unpredictable world of the cannabis industry, always ensure your PACE Plan is up-to-date every

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