About us

MJ Security Group is a team of well-respected security professionals who were “recruited” into the cannabis industry from their previous positions as infrastructure protection, crisis response, foreign intelligence, and counterterrorism subject matter experts.  

Several of our associates have held high-level positions within the US federal government, as well as within major Fortune 500 companies. Most of our team has worked across the globe in over 100 countries, for nearly two-decades, on some of our nation’s toughest security problems.  

Because of the evolving security threats facing the cannabis industry, our team was literally hand-picked by some of the leading marijuana companies to implement a new level of professional standards to this highly-lucrative — yet often risky — industry

Below is a summary of our qualifications:

MJ Security Group Qualifications

Company Profile

  • Headquartered in Florida – with satellite office in Washington DC
  • Current clients include one of the largest conglomerates in the marijuana industry
  • Management team includes former Military, Intelligence Community, and Law Enforcement professionals
  • Security team has experience operating in dozens of international high-threat locations, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, and throughout Africa.
  • Currently conduct cannabis security consulting/operations in 24 states 
  • Fully licensed and insured 

Credibility & Expertise

  • Industry leader in integrated security assessments and operational planning
  • Industry leader in crisis management and emergency response planning
  • Project Manager previously designed, oversaw construction of, and led one of the US Government’s most advanced crisis operation centers
  • Industry leader in the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology™
  • Seasoned professionals from Law Enforcement, Military, and the Intelligence Community
  • Maintain high-level political and law enforcement contacts related to the cannabis industry
  • Certified Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) trainers from Sandia National Labs and Oak Ridge National Labs
  • Frequently featured as keynote speakers at domestic/international security conferences, as well as television/print media, regarding security matters

Proven Approach

  • Extensive expertise in cannabis security
  • Proven Six-Phase approach to cannabis security
  • Realistic threat and vulnerability assessment methodologies
  • Results that enable allocation of scarce resources
  • Integrated assessments incorporating cyber and physical security, crisis management, emergency planning and mitigation management
  • Deliver both qualitative and quantitative results
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