Secure your growing business

“Don’t depend on the enemy not coming; Depend rather on being ready for him.”

—Sun Tzu

Protecting Your Cannabis Products and Your Business

MJ Security Group (MJSG) protects your investment by preventing product and revenue losses by understanding all phases of the cannabis growing and dispensary sales cycle.


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Our Philosophy

At MJ Security Group, we believe that the best defense is a good offense. Our philosophy is that for security to be most effective, a comprehensive program must consist of a policy of deter, detect, delay, respond, and mitigate, would-be aggressors. This means that we believe in the concept of being proactive with security. For this reason, we developed our MJ Six-Phase Security Process. This full scale approach ensures maximum coverage and compliance utilizing a “light touch.”

Our Experience is Key...

MJ Security Group, LLC is your partner for all aspects of security protection and loss prevention for your “growing” Cannabis business. MJSG is made up of security professionals with literally hundreds of years of combined experience in military, Intelligence Community, law enforcement, and private sector (Fortune 500) security fields.

What we Do...

As our name MJSG implies, we specialize solely in the cannabis security industry. Whether it is performing a threat/risk analysis and vulnerability assessment of your marijuana security posture, or helping you establish security protocols and emergency response plans within your grow houses and dispensaries, the MJSG team can provide your business with decades worth of security management experience. 

Our Mission...

MJSG wants to help you implement a security program that fits your organization’s budget and provides your employees, patients, product, infrastructure and intellectual property with the highest levels of protection.

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